Millipore® Millex® 33mm Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile

Non-sterile 33mm Millex® syringe filters feature a large filter surface area which increases flow rates and makes it easier to filter solutions because they reduce the pressure required to empty the syringe. Despite the increased membrane area, the hold-up volume (after air purge) has been reduced to 80µL, a 20% decrease over 25mm Millex® syringe filters. The housing materials and membranes are low in extractables which often can interfere with analytical analyses. Choose the membrane type of syringe filter that meets your laboratory's specific application which includes:

  • Express® PLUS Polyethersulfone membranes are recommended for sterile filtering of protein solutions, tissue culture media, buffers, additives, virus suspensions, DNA and aqueous solutions

  • Durapore® PVDF membranes are designed for fine particle removal from aqueous and mild organic solutions

  • Nylon membranes are designed for particle removal and preparation of organic solvents and similar solutions prior to chromatography analysis or other instrument analysis