Cytiva's Whatman™ Anotop™ Plus Syringe Filters with GMF Pre-Filter, 10mm & 25mm

Cytiva's Whatman™ Anotop™ Plus 10 and 25mm syringe filter offers the added benefit of an integral glass microfiber prefilter. This unit is designed to enable difficult and hard-to-filter solutions to be filtered without adversely affecting the filtration efficiency of the final membrane. This can eliminate the need for sample cleanup or expensive and time-consuming sequential filtration. Reduces need for centrifuging before filtering, sequential filtering or re-filtering. Permits use of 0.1µm pore size Anotop Plus filters to remove mycoplasma contaminants from tissue culture. Made from Gamma-Alumina 6mm Al203. Medium protein binding. Available in both Sterile and Non-Sterile versions. Choose from either 10mm or 25mm Diameter which allow up to 30µL or 200µL respectively. Retention: 0.02µm