Cytiva's Whatman™ Anotop™ Syringe Filters, 10mm & 25mm

Cytiva's Whatman™ Anotop™ syringe filter is a universal solution for numerous filtrations applications. These syringe filters can be used with most organic solvents and aqueous materials and is suitable for sample volumes up to 100mL. The distinctive hexagonal housing is manufactured from pigment-free polypropylene to eliminate sample contamination. No wetting agents or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process. Cytiva's Whatman™ Anotop™ syringe filters contain the proprietary alumina based Anopore® membrane. Glass microfiber prefilter versions are available for difficult-to-filter samples (See Whatman™ Anotop™10 Plus & Anotop™ 25 Plus syringe filters). Available in both 10mm and 25mm sizes and in sterile and non-sterile versions. Retention: 0.1µm.