Whatman™ Puradisc™ PVDF Syringe Filters

Puradisc™ syringe filters combine premium quality and economy. These syringe filters are ideal for the quick efficient filtration of samples up to 2ml, 10mL or 100mL sample volumes with the use of 4mm, 13mm and 25mm syringe filter sizes respectively. These PVDF membrane syringe filters are produced from pigment-free polypropylene plastic for sturdy & reliable filtration. Low hold-up volume of less than 30µL for maximum sample recovery. Smaller syringe filters are also offered with a special tube tip outlet that allows the sample to be accurately dispensed into a micro-vial eliminating air lock. All other syringe filters are equipped with standard inlet (female luer lock) and outlet (male luer) connections. Applications include: HPLC aqueous sample preparation, Biological sample preparation, Buffer solutions, Salt solutions, Tissue culture media, Irrigation solutions and Sterile isolation. Pre-sterilized syringe filters are availble for critical filtering applications.

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