Cytiva's Whatman™ ReZist™ HPLC Syringe Filters

Cytiva's Whatman® ReZist™ range of syringe filters has been specifically designed with excellent chemical resistance against standard organic HPLC solvents. These filters are ideal for the clarification of aggressive organic solvents. ReZist™ syringe filters for HPLC sample preparation feature a hydrophobic PTFE membrane which is laminated with polypropylene for maximum support. Both 13mm & 30mm syringe filters have a 1µm membrane for pre-filtration of high solid content solutions.ReZist™ 13syringe filters are available with a Mini-Tip outlet and have extremely low dead volume which is less than 10µL. The Mini-Tip outlet is ideal for delivering filtered samples for HPLC in to small sample bottles and vials for sample testing. 13mm Diameter.ReZist™ 30 syringe filters are ideal as a moisture barrier for venting and for sterile venting of small volumes. They are also used to protect vacuum pumps as an aerosol separator. Syringe filters are regularly used for air sterilization of tubing systems. Also ideal for pre-filtration of difficult-to-filter aqueous samples.. 30mm DiameterReZist™ 30 GF92syringe filters are ideal for pre-filtration of difficult-to-filter aqueous samples as well as organic solution containing particles. Additionally they have all the same properties and are used in identical applications as the ReZist™ 30 line of syringe filters.

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