Cytiva's Whatman™ Roby 25 Automation Syringe Filters

Cytiva's Whatman® Roby 25 syringe filters for robotic systems were developed specifically for automated sample filtration systems. Whatman offers Roby syringe filters with various membranes. For difficult-to-filter samples, Roby syringe filters are also available with membranes plus an integral glass fiber prefilter. The filter housing is made from mechanically stable polypropylene. The external geometry of the filter housing ensures simple and smooth filter transport from the storage turntable to the filtration site and easy filter changing.

Roby 25 syringe filters are optimized for Sotax®, Caliper® (Zymark®) and Varian® tablet testers. Filter are easily changed out and ensure simple & smooth filter transport. Applications include fine filtration of samples in the automatic tablet dissolution test as well as method development with the Roby 25 Filter Validation Kit system. Diameter: 25mm

The Roby 25 Filter Validation Kit includes step-by-step instructions for essential selection tests. Instructions include all important properties in an at-a-glance format. Validation kit includes six different types of syringe filters packaged in sleeved tubes of 25 filters. Filter validation protocol and a filter selection guide are also included. Diameter: 25mm

Cytiva's Whatman® ZC 13 Syringe Filters for Automation: These syringe filters offer an effective alternative to single layer syringe filters and prevent premature membrane clogging. They are ideal for sample volumes up to 10mL and have a high loading capacity for difficult samples. Suitable for manual or automated filtration processes. Pre-filter used in this syringe filter include Grade GMF 150 glass microfiber (10µm: 1µm) and Grade GF/F (0.7µm). Applications include automated sample filtration and tablet dissolution tests. Polypropylene housing. Autoclavable at 121°C for sterile applications. Inlet/Outlet: Female Slip Luer/Male Luer. Filtration Area: 1.3cm2. Max Pressure: 6.9bar (100psi) Biosafe: All materials pass USP Class VI standards.

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