Cytiva's Whatman™ Autovial™ Syringeless Filters

Excellent alternative to traditional syringe filters. Cytiva's Whatman™ Autovial syringeless filter is a preassembled filtration device for removing particulates from samples. It is comprised of two parts: a graduated filter barrel and a plunger. The proven design features an integral filter built-in air purge and a support stand which protects the recessed slip-luer tip. The Autovial filter is selected according to membrane compatibility with the sample. In practice the sample is poured into the (12mL or 5mL capacity) filter barrel. The plunger is inserted into the barrel until the bottom is securely in place; there is a gap of air between the sample and plunger. The tip of the autovial is placed into the mouth of an autosampler vial or container and the plunger compressed. Filtration begins immediately and as the plunger is compressed until it reaches the bottom the membrane is purged with air for maximum sample recovery. For direct instrument injection a needle is placed on the autovial slip-luer outlet. Available in both 5mL and 12mL volume sizes.