Cytiva's Whatman™ UniPrep™ Syringeless Filters

Cytiva's Whatman UniPrep™ syringeless filter is a preassembled filtration device for the filtration and storage of laboratory samples. It features a plunger filter and vial in one unit and replaces the syringe-coupled filtration devices with single disposable units. The UniPrep™ device consists of two parts: a test tube and a filter-plunger. The design incorporates a prefilter and a membrane into the tip of the plunger. When the filter plunger is pressed through the liquid placed in the test tube positive pressure forces the filtrate up into the reservoir of the filter-plunger. UniPrep™ does not contain a septum in the cap and can be used to filter larger volumes (1 to 5mL). It is selected based on compatibility with the sample in use. In manual operation after the tip comes in contact with the liquid the filter-plunger is slowly pushed into the test tube until it stops at the bottom. It is emptied either by decanting into a sample or autosampler vial or by drawing the filtered sample into a syringe for manual injection into an instrument. Prefilter: Built-in glass microfiber membrane.