Whatman™ PolyVENT™ & SteriVENT™ Venting Filters

PolyVENT™ and SteriVENT™ venting discs and capsules are integral filters for sterile venting of vessels and tanks. They are constructed from a single standardized set of materials - PTFE membranes and polypropylene housings. Retain > 107 CFU/sq cm Brevundimonas diminuta per ASTM F838-83 standards. Membrane made of hydrophobic 0.2 µm PTFE membrane. Validated for 50 steam autoclave cycles; compatible with EtO. Pass USP Class VI biosafety tests for plastics. Manufactured in clean room facilities. Applications include venting (filling) isolation (incubators autoclaves lyophilizers EtO sterilizers fermenters) and Electronics (gases).

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