CapitolBrand® Plastic Round Bottom Boiling Flasks with 29/32 [ST] Joint, PFA Fluoropolymer

CapitolBrand® fluoropolymper plastic boiling flasks are corrosion- and leach-resistant. These plastic round bottom boiling flasks are ideal for use with rotary evaporats and for distillation of high-purity chemicals. Flasks are manufactured from PFA fluoropolymer plastic resin (a perfluoroalkoxy polymer) for excellent resistance to heat and chemical contamination. Flasks also feature smooth surfaces that greatly simplify cleaning. PFA fluoropolymer plastic surface properties offer superior cleanability to glass, PTFE plastic and polypropylene flasks which reduces the risk of sample carryover in trace analysis applications. Maximum operating temperature of the PFA round bottom boiling flasks under vacuum is 50°C. Boiling flask necks are tooled with a 29/32 standard taper joint.