Corning® RoboFlask® Cell Culture Vessels

The unique Corning® Roboflask® cell culture vessel by Corning® is designed to a standard microplate footprint (ANSI/SBS 1-2004: microplates - footprint dimensions) for use in automated cell maintenance and assay systems. It has a 92.6cm2 available cell growth area and is also availlable with surface tissue culture treatments for optimal cell attachment. These cell culture vessels are manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene with a built-in vent membrane for efficient gas and liquid exchange. It has a removable septum cap for both automated systems and manual applications. Corning® RoboFlasks® are compatible with the Tecan Cellerity Cell Maintenance and Assay System. Bar coded for efficient automated tracking and stackable to save valuable incubator space. The cell culture vessel is sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified non-pyrogenic, and 100% integrity tested. Stackable to save valuable incubator space.