Corning® Proculture® Spinner Flasks with Shur-Loc® Center Cap

Corning® Proculture® glass Spinner Flask has a 140mm center neck and 45mm sidearm neck diameters. It features a Shur-Loc® style cap for operation in a more rigorous cGMP environment. This uniquely designed cap makes a positive, visible seal when tightened. When the Shur-Loc® gasket is compressed against the glass, the flask is closed securely. The patented 'stretch' impeller design ensures optimal stirring, and the side baffles enhance aeration and agitation of the flask contents. The sidearm design permits easy access of 25 and 50mL pipets. The vessel is made of borosilicate glass and the caps of polypropylene, with a polysulfone shaft with a Vortex Impeller paddle assembly. It has consistent height to width ratios for greater predictability. Reusable. Non-Sterile. Material: Borosilicate Glass Code 7740.

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