Wheaton® Magna Flex™ Microcarrier Spinner Flasks with Sidearms

Wheaton® Magna Flex™ spinner flasks feature a flex-type, bulb-shaped glass impeller which rotates from a fixed position above liquid level around an indentation in the base of the flask. Primarily designed for use with microcarrier cultures, this unique stirring system increases stirring efficiency and provides a gentle, even circulation throughout the flask while keeping the beads in suspension. All flasks have been proportioned to provide a head space ratio of 1:1 or greater. A removable Stainless Steel pin immobilizes the impeller during handling or decanting to prevent damage to cells or microcarriers. Made from borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E 438 Type I, Class A requirements. Fully autoclavable for sterile cell culture applications.