Nalgene® Teflon® Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Caps, FEP

The Nalgene® Teflon® Erlenmeyer flask is furnished complete with a Tefzel* EFTE screwcap closure. These plastic Erlenmeyer flasks are unbreakable and clear and non-contaminating. Teflon® Erlenmeyer flasks resist virtually all chemicals and withstands temperatures from -270°C to +205°C. These Erlenmeyer flasks can be boiled in nitric acid for trace metals work. Flasks can also be autoclaved or chemically sterilized. Before autoclaving set cap on top of flask without engaging threads. Autoclavable. Material: Teflon® FEP with a Tefzel® EFTE closure. Nalgene 4106 Series.