PYREX® Verified Class A Volumetric Flask with HDPE [ST] Stopper & Glass [ST] Stopper, Corning 5646

These Corning PYREX® volumetric flask glass/HDPE standard taper stoppers exceed the current standard (ASTM E-542) for manufacturing volumetric flasks because each individual flask is verified to meet the Class A volumetric tolerances in ASTM E-288. Each volumetric flask is also labeled with a lot number enabling access to a Certificate of Analysis with lot specific data regarding both measurements and methods to trace glassware and track usage. The strength of this flask results from the use of a machine blown body which is sealed to a heavy-tubing neck. The graduation line is sharp and permanent. Flask is provided with both a standard taper PYREX® glass stopper and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) stopper.