CapitolBrand® Low Actinic Volumetric Flasks for Light Sensitive Samples, Class B, Polymethylpentene

CapitolBrand® amber tinted plastic volumetric flasks provide superior opacity to ultraviolet light as well as much of the visible spectrum compared with amber glass. These polymethylpentene plastic volumetric flasks are light weight and feature shatterproof break resistance. Flasks are the ideal choice for measurement of light-sensitive liquid samples and materials. Plastic lab flasks are also supplied with amber tinted polyethylene screw cap closures. Manufactured to exact Class A standards per DIN EN ISO 1042 which will also withstand autoclaving at temperatures up to 121°C. Flasks ma be sterilized with formalin or ethanol or by gamma-radiation or microwave. Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and alcohols at room temperature and provide good to limited (short term exposure) resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons aldehydes ketones and esters. These reusable volumetric flasks are not suitable for use with aromatic or halogenated hydrocarbons ethers oxidizing acids or oxidizing reagents. The high contrast ring-mark ensures an accurate reading of the meniscus. Each flask is individually calibrated to-contain at a reference temperature of 20°C individually ring-marked for accuracy imprinted with a lot-number and shipped with a lot certificate.

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