Cytiva® Minifold™ I Array Blotting Systems

Whatman® Minifold® I Array Blotting Systemsfor Proteins & Nucleic AcidsWhatman's Minifold® I array-type blotting devices are easy to assemble systems for applying multiple samples of DNA, RNA or protein to blotting membranes. The Minifold I system consists of four basic components which includes: Sample Well Plate (48-Well or 96-Well), Filter Support Plate, Vacuum Plenum and a Metal Clamping Plate The sample well plate is available in three different configurations which include: Spot-Blot Plates, Dot-Blot Plates and Dot-Blot Plates. The Minifold I System is compatible with multichannel pipettes. All three plates are interchangeable and can be purchased as accessory plates or in conjunction with a complete system. The tension on the clamping is adjustable, permitting use of a variety of blotting and filtration media.

Minifold I Dot-Blot System (96-Well Plates)
Novel O-ring design - ensures discrete dot formation without leakage of samples by cross lateral flow. Generates even, uniform dots that eliminate uneven test areas resulting from manual sample application.Minifold I Spot-Blot System (96-Well Plates) Small volume required - sample volumes as low as 25µL can be applied using less of your precious sample. Very high signal intensity - 2mm2 sample application area results in increased signal intensity. Standard microtitration format (which is) 96 samples on a single membrane which is the same as the standard Minifold I Dot-Blot System.

Minifold I Slot-Blot System (48-Well Plates)
Preferred format for densitometric scanning, since slots can be easily quantitated. Concentrated signal - 6mm2 sample application area results in high signal intensity. Easy to survey format - 48 samples on your membrane are easier to view at a time than 96 samples.

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