Cytiva's Whatman® Minifold™ II Array Blotting System

Minifold™ II Slot-Blot Array Blotting System (72-Well)
The Minifold™ II array-type blotting is designed for precise, quantitative solid-phase assays with three rows of 24 slots spaced according to multi-channel pipette tip format. The smaller slot surface area results in higher signal intensity and requires less sample volume than standard dot-blot formats. The resulting blot can be read with a densitometer. Recommended blotting membrane sheets include Cytiva's Whatman # 10402493 and 10402593. (Protran™ BA 83 and BA85 blotting membrane sheets)

Filter Area: 6.0mm2/Well (0.75 x 8.0mm Slots). Material Type: Acrylic. Membrane Size: 6.3 x 22.8cm. Vacuum Pressure: 0.9 bar.

Features and benefits include:
· Higher Signal Intensity: A smaller slot surface area results in increased signal strength
· Smaller Sample Sizes: Small slot dimensions require less sample than dot-blotters
· Faster Results: More intense signal with the slot-blotter provides visual results in less time
· Versatility: Choose the membrane with the highest binding capacity for your application
· Easy Assembly: The beveled side rails ensure rapid and accurate assembly

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