Cytiva's Whatman® TurboBlotter™ SPC DNA/RNA Blotting Transfer Kits

Rapid Downward Blotting Transfer System

Cytiva's Whatman® TurboBlotter™ blotting transfer system is a rapid downward blotting device for high-resolution transfer of DNA and RNA. The conventional Northern/Southern transfer stack has been turned upside down in order to take advantage of gravity. No heavy weights are required on the top of the transfer stack, eliminating the messy set-up of standard upward capillary transfers.

Cytiva's Whatman’s TurboBlotter™ System offers greater speed, target resolution, and convenience versus traditional blotting procedures. Alkaline DNA transfers can be performed in as little as one hour, while neutral (SSC) transfers of DNA and RNA take only three hours.

Features and benefits:

·Rapid Results: Downward capillary transfer allows for alkaline buffer transfers in one hour and neutral (SSC) transfers in three hours.
·Economical: Reusable blotting device requires less buffer & blotting paper. Refill packs available.
·Compact: Has a smaller footprint than most homemade devices and devices are stackable up to five units during transfers.
·Simple: Easy to set up and works without power or vacuum source.
·Great Results: Uses Cytiva's Whatman® Nytran™ SPC membranes and Cytiva's Whatman® 3MM Chr and GB004 Blotting Papers for top performance.

TurboBlotter™ blotting transfer device systems are available in two sizes. The smaller model is 12 x 16 cm, for gels from 7 x 8cm to 11 x 14cm. The larger model is 21 x 26cm, for gels from 12 x 21cm to 20 x 25cm. Each size comes in your choice of refill packs and the refill packs are available separately.

Each transfer uses one sheet of Whatman Nytran™ SPC, one wick of 3MM Chr, and a blotter stack composed of eight sheets of 3MM Chr and twenty sheets of GB004. Each TurboBlotter™ Kit or TurboBlotter™ refill contains five sets of these materials, enough for five transfers.

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