Cytiva's Whatman™ Nytran™ Supercharge (SPC) Nylon Blotting Membranes

Nytran™ SuPerCharge (Nitran™ SPC) nylon blotting membranes have a very high positive charge and a higher density of nylon per unit area. The increased charge and greater nylon density provide increased binding sites for your samples. Nytran™ SPC membranes provide a uniform pore size and distribution because they are free of microvoids found in other membranes. This uniformity provides greater reproducibility of results across the blotting membrane and from blot to blot. These membranes lie flat without curling with uniform casting on both top and bottom surfaces. Nitran™ SPC membranes provide a high positive charge with low background. Whether using radioactive or nonradioactive detection techniques, Nytran™ SPC consistently gives high signal with extremely low background. Nytran™ SPC binding capacity: > 600 µg/cm2. Pore Size: 0.45µm