Cytiva's Whatman™ Westran™ S PVDF Blotting Membranes for Protein Sequencing

Westran™ SPVDF (Polyvinylidine Fluoride) blotting membranes have a 0.2µm pore size with excellent hydrophobic properties. These blotting membranes are designed specifically for protein sequencing applications. The small pore size of this membrane eliminates'blow-through' and increases protein binding over a wide range of molecular weights. These filtering membranes offer protein binding capacity (over 200 µg/cm2) for easy signal detection with high protein retention even after harsh wash steps. They also provide the chemical resistance needed for N-terminal sequencing. Maximum capture of proteins during transfers minimizes sample loss. The 0.2µm pore size allows for a higher surface area, resulting in better binding of low molecular weight proteins. These blotting membranes are also compatible for use in Western Blotting applications.

Westran™ CS Clear Signal PVDF Blotting membranes are 0.45µm filter membranes specifically designed for Western blotting and protein dot-blotting applications. These blotting membranes provide extremely low backgrounds within chemiluminescent and colorimetric applications providing you with clear signals and sharp bands. Excellent results with general protein stains such as Coomassie® Brilliant Blue, Amido Black, and Ponceau S Red. Increased strength allows for multiple stripping and re-probing, which results in savings of time and expense. Protein binding capacity over 125µg/cm2.

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