IW Tremont Electrophoresis Blotting Paper

Electrophoresis (Western) blotting paper by IW Tremont is a high purity, alpha cotton linter absorbent filter paper specifically formulated to yield a stable DNA, RNA and protein biomarker matrix for quantitative analysis. The formation is highly uniform and free from density irregularities allowing fast indication and strong line hold.

Ideally suited as a general sample collection pad, wicking channel in microfluidic designs and base paper in reagent saturations. High resolution indicator paper and specimen collection media for bioanalysis applications such as the collection of blood drops, urine or saliva. Efficient when used as a wick or absorbent pad under membrane for lateral flow or cross flow designs.


  • Uniform screen & felt sides with consistent density MD/CD
  • Manufacturing performed with RO water filtration system
  • Media demonstrates excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Material chemistries are verified against a standard using GC techniques prior to paper making process
  • Certificate of Conformance and Certificate of Analysis are provided with each order
  • Available in cards, sheets, rolls and semi-finished converted configurations.

This filter media also functions as a high purity cellulose filter paper. The proprietary production methods employed produce a media, which demonstrates a highly durable surface texture without the high level of organic extractables common to traditional acid-hardening processes. The ash content of this paper is 0.05% and is always single source cotton.

Blotting Paper Specifications:
  • Basis Weight: 71-Lbs (1389ft2 / 249.0gm2)
  • Thicknesses Available: Single (0.2mm), Double (0.4mm), Triple (0.6mm)
  • Rapidity: 25x/1.0mL minimum - According to TAPPI T432 cm-09. Modified Testing for Western Blot Rapidity at 35mL/60-Seconds
  • Capillary Rise: 125-145mm/10-minutes - According to DIN ISO8787 and KLEMM method
  • Frazier Permeability: 196L/m2/second
  • Tensile Strength: 70-Lbs MD (Machine Direction); 45-Lbs CD (Cross Direction)