Axygen® Agarose for Electrophoresis, Molecular Biology Grade

Axygen® Agarose LE is a low electroendosmosis agarose is suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids. Nucleic acid fragments separated with Agarose LE can be blotted to nylon or nitro-cellulose membranes by all standard blotting techniques. Nucleic acid separation with Agarose LE is between 0.2-15kbp depending on the concentration of Agarose LE.

Axygen® Agarose LM low melting gel allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below their denaturation temperature. The low gelling temperature ensures that the agarose will be in a liquid state at a temperature range where In-Gel manipulations can be performed without prior extraction of the DNA from the gel slice. Low Melting (LM) Agarose is derivatized by organic synthesis which generates methoxylate groups from the basic agarose structure. Agarose LM has the highest gelling/melting temperatures and gel strength for use in electrophoresis of DNA fragments ? 1000bp, tissue and cell culture, and viral plaque assays, and is also optimized for preparative electrophoresis and isolation of DNA fragments.

Axygen® Agarose MS is a molecular screening agarose for improved resolution of DNA fragments with 500bp or less, especially primer-sized fragments. At a 3% concentration, Agarose MS gives a resolution of DNA fragments similar to gels made with polyacrylamide at concentrations of 8%. Features sharp finely resolved bands. Has a high resolution of short PCR products and DNA fragments for improved clarity of the gel, enhancing visibility.