QIAGEN® (formerly Whatman) FTA™ & FTA™ Elute Card Systems

QIAGEN® leading expertise within the genomics/proteomics industry lies in DNA sample preparation. QIAGEN® FTA™ Cards offer patented technology for collecting, transporting, purifying, and archiving DNA and RNA all on a single device stored at room temperature. The nucleic acid sample preparation products incorporate proprietary Whatman technologies, which offer several outstanding advantages to molecular biologists. These include the encapsulation of solid media into devices and DNA separation products designed for the collection, transportation, purification, and analysis of nucleic acids. All of these Whatman products create breakthrough applications that yield accurate results much faster than previously possible. Whatman offers an extensive range of products to facilitate genomic studies of humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. Collection, storage, and analysis of DNA and RNA are facilitated with the use of FTA™ Card Systems and other Whatman™ DNA and RNA sample preparation and clone archiving tools.

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