QIAGEN® (formerly Cytiva's Whatman) CloneSaver™ Card System for DNA Analysis & Clone Archiving

CloneSaver™ cards by QIAGEN® are designed for the collection long-term storage and purification of plasmid and BAC DNA from bacterial clones in a 96-well format. It allows for the preparation of BAC and plasmid DNA with amazing ease.

Apply 5µL bacterial culture resuspended colony or glycerol stock. Cells are lysed and plasmid or BAC DNA is stabilized for long-term storage or immediate processing. Bacteriophages are inactivated. DNA is easily accessible for downstream applications. Store up to 96 samples on each card. Store sample DNA for years at room temperature. Plasmid DNA stored on CloneSaver™ cards is stable at room temperature for at least four years and counting.

Plasmid DNA can be eluted or used directly on a punch to transform bacteria either by electroporation or heat-shock methods. Immobilized plasmid DNA on a CloneSaver™ card punch can be used directly in a PCR. The PCR products remain in solution do not bind to the punch and are easily recoverable. Plasmid DNA can also be eluted for PCR or other studies. Plasmid DNA eluted from a CloneSaver™ punch can be amplified by rolling circle amplification such as TempliPhi™ and then sequenced without the need for culture regrowth and plasmid purification. The CloneSaver™ starter kit includes two CloneSaver™ cards in 96-Well format (QIAGEN® QIA-GBS WB120028) and two Harris Uni-Core™ Punches (QIA-GBS WB100029) with cutting mat and instructions.