QIAGEN® (formerly Cytiva's Whatman) FTA™ Elute Cards for DNA Analysis & Clone Archiving

The QIAGEN® (formerly Whatman™) FTA™ Elute Micro Card has four 11mm sample areas per card with a 40µL sample size per circle. The card utilizes patented QIAGEN® FTA™ technology that simplifies the handling and processing of nucleic acids. DNA is eluted in an easy step providing you with DNA in solution for your amplification needs. The FTA™ elute matrix is chemically treated with proprietary reagents that lyse cells upon contact causing the release of nucleic acids. DNA is recovered from the FTA™ elute matrix through a simplified elution process using water and heat. Inhibitory components such as hemoglobin are retained on the FTA™ elute matrix. Samples can be collected shipped and stored at room temperature. This eliminates high costs associated with shipping samples on ice and with laboratory freezer storage requirements. It rapidly inactivates organisms including bloodborne pathogens which eliminates the risk of contamination for the individuals handling the sample. This also eliminates classifying samples as biohazards. Sample processing time to isolate DNA is 15 to 30 minutes which eliminates lengthy and multiple step isolation procedure (4 to 16 hours). Sample processing requires a simple hot water elution procedure to isolate DNA. The cost of using a purification kit is avoided. Sample volume requirements are minimal: 12 to 40µL per collection area. This eliminates venous blood samples and large blood volume handling/processing. It also eliminates the need for venipuncture equipment and a medical attendant at the site of collection. Hemoglobin a known PCR inhibitor is bound to the FTA™ elute matrix. DNA is recovered in solution free of PCR inhibitors.