Axygen® Nucleic Acid Purification Kits, Corning®

Axygen® AxyPrep™ Mag Plasmid DNA Purification Kits, Corning®

This AxyPrep™ Mag plasmid kit utilizes a magnetic bead technology for high throughput purification of plasmid DNA from E.coli cells. AxyPrep Mag plasmid kit can also be used with fosmid and BAC vector-based constructs ranging from 5kb to 150kb. The system consists of steps of pelleting cells, resuspension, lysis, neutralization, DNA binding, Ethanol washing and plasmid elution. The protocol is automation friendly. When used with high copy plasmids, yields approximately 500ng to 2µg of DNA per purification. For low-copy plasmids and larger constructs, an average yield is about 300ng to 1µg. These yields vary depending on the cell line, vector type, and size of the construct.

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