Eppendorf® twin.tec real-time 96-Well PCR Microplates

Eppendorf® twin.tec real-time PCR microplates offer all the advantages of regular twin.tec plates and give you the advantage of white wells for your real-time PCR. The limiting factor in low volume real-time PCR is often the remaining intensity of fluorescence. The white wells of the Eppendorf twin.tec real-time PCR plates reflect fluorescence much better than clear or frosted wells. Thus, lower levels of fluorescence are still detectable with the same instrument-just by using the right consumables. Additionally,
white wells significantly reduce interfering background fluorescence and lead to increased homogeneity
of replicates and reproducible results. The rigidity of the polycarbonate frame ensure easy and reliable handling-manually or automated. The polypropylene wells guarantee excellent and fast temperature transfer to the sample.

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