Nunc™ Storage Microplates

Thermo Fisher Scientific has decades of experience designing and producing plates for researchers' increasingly sophisticated applications. The result is a very wide offering of the highest quality microplates. In addition to Thermo Scientific and Thermo Scientific Nunc 96-well plates, we offer 384- and 1536-well formats with various well geometries for manual or automated applications. Specialty formats include Nunc™ OmniTray and Multidishes plus rectangular dishes. You can select from a variety of optical bottom plates with superior optical properties for luminescence and fluorescence use.

Our plates are often specified for use in colorimetric, fluorescent and luminescent assays. Other typical applications include cell culture, ELISA, cell imaging, cultivation, toxicity testing and storage. Different plate materials are available for diverse applications. Polystyrene is popular for its optical clarity and for its ability to be modified. Polypropylene is a great selection for its compatibility with reagents and its resistance to chemicals and temperature extremes.

A variety of surface coatings offers you tremendous options in cell culture and immunology. Specific surfaces include those that are passive, hydrophobic, or hydrophilic while others offer varieties of covalent binding or ligand/receptor binding. Common to all plates: adherence to ISO 13485 quality standards, easy availability of product certifications and quick access to knowledgeable technical support personnel.

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