Wheaton® Profiller™ manual 435 Pipet Aid Controllers

The Wheaton Profiller™ manual 436 pipet controller and filler provides smooth control in both aspirating and dispensing of laboratory liquids. The instrument accepts both glass and plastic pipets up to 100mL in volume capacity. These pipet controllers feature an interchangeable hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter which guarantees effective protection against airborne contamination during aspiration and dispensing. The nose cone can be changed for individual, laboratory or department identification. Fully autoclavable to 121°C (250°F) for sterile pipetting applications. The controller includes a large capacity silicone bulb for efficient aspiration. If additional aspiration is needed, it can be squeezed even during pipetting. For precise control the thumb lever button is designed for an ergonomic fit for both left and right-handed users. For complete liquid blow-out, simply press a large button to expel residual liquid when using blow-out type pipettes. Includes two 0.45µm and two 0.2µm PTFE membrane filters. One year warranty. Capacity: 100mL.