Eppendorf® Easypet® 3 Pipet Controller

Experience a new dimension of electronic pipetting with the Eppendorf Easypet® 3. The latest technological developments give you complete speed control with the utmost precision. The lightweight, well-balanced Easypet 3 has been designed considering all ergonomic findings to fit comfortably in your hand and matches its shape to allow for fatigue-free pipetting.


  • Intuitive, smooth and convenient speed adjustment is simply done with your fingertips.
  • Lightweight, well-balanced, ergonomic design allows for fatigue-free pipetting.
  • Vibrant backlit LED provide optical feedback for the remaining battery life.
  • Includes fully autoclavable pipette adapter for sterile pipetting applications.
  • Quick-release of aspirating cone for easy exchange of replacement membrane filters.
  • Rechargeable battery offers long, cordless runtime. May be operated while re-charging.

Applications Include:
  • Pipetting with pipet sizes ranging in volume sizes from 0.1 to 100mL
  • Serial dispensing of aliquots of different volumes.
  • Resuspension of bacteria or cell pellets.
  • Aspiration of cell layers from (for example) Ficoll® gradient.

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