Kimble® KIMAX® Safe-Guard Reusable Glass Serological Pipet, TD

KIMAX®-51 serological pipets are calibrated "to deliver" to the tip. N-51A glass provides the best resistance to chemical attack and scratching. Intended for bacteriological, microbiological, or serological work. Scale is permanent brown stain fused into the surface of uniform bore tubing without etching. All pipets are graduated to the tip and have permanently marked bands near the top end (unless otherwise specified) to indicate that the small amount remaining in the tip after free delivery has ceased must be blown out to obtain the total rated capacity. Color-coded for ease in sorting and selecting the correct size. The 1mL size has plain fire-polished top, while the 5mL and 10mL are tooled for cotton plugging. Designed from ASTM Specification E1044, Style 1 requirements.