Costar® Stripette® Polystyrene Serological Pipets, Sterile & Individually Wrapped, Plastic Peel

Corning® Costar® Stripette® Polystyrene Serological Pipets have a wide tip for faster delivery and are packaged with a "Banana-peel" plastic wrap which features easy opening for aseptic removal and eliminates static cling when wearing latex gloves. You can see the polystyrene pipet through the clear plastic wrap for instant size identification. Plus, space saving packaging reduces storage requirements, waste, and one material makes it easy to recycle. New anti-static clear all-plastic wrap allows full view of pipet for easy size identification and reduces storage space requirements. Unique color-coded magnifying stripe for easier meniscus viewing. Sterile, individually wrapped and certified nonpyrogenic. Accuracy within ± 2% at full volume. Lot numbers printed on each pipet wrapper-Calibrated to deliver (TD-EX 20ºC) their contents with blowout.