Robotic Pipet Tips

Axygen® Hanging Wafer Robotic Pipet Tips for Tecan® Genesis, Freedom EVO & MiniPrep Workstations, Clear Polypropylene

Axygen® standard hanging robotic pipet tips designed for use with Tecan® robotic workstations. Compatible with Tecan Genesis Freedom, Freedom EVO, and MiniPrep robotic workstation. Robotic pipet tips are also ideal for use with Cavro®, PerkinElmer/Packard Multipsrobe II HT, and Multipsrobe II HT EX robotic workstations.

Robotic pipet tips are hanging wafer rack style and are precision manufactured to exacting OEM standards. Tips are available in both filtered, non-filtered, sterile, non-sterile and any combination thereof. All Axygen® robotic pipet tips are certified RNase-, DNase- and pyrogen-free.