Robotic Pipet Tips

Axygen® Robotic Pipet Tips for Agilent® Velocity 11 V-Prep™ or Bravo™ Liquid Handling Systems

Corning Axygen® polypropylene robotic pipet tips are specifically designed for use with Velocity 11 V-Prep™ or Bravo™ automated liquid handling systems. Available in a variety of volume sizes to fit your laboratory's specific needs. Choose from filtered and non-filtered robotic pipet tips. Available in non-sterile and sterile types. All Axygen® robotic pipet tips are certified RNase-Free, DNase-Free & Pyrogen-Free by lot analysis.

Axygen® MAXYMum Recovery™ liquid automation pipet tips are designed for high throughput screening and other automated applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.