Axygen® 200µL Fine Point Universal Pipet Tips, RNase/DNase-Free

Corning Axygen® universal fit fine point pipet tips feature the 'uni-grip' design, which assures an airtight seal with most major brands of pipettors. Tips are constructed using diamond-polished molds to eliminate the cavities and occlusions that cause sample retention. Made of a unique polymer that resists DNA, RNA, and protein adherence, tips will not denature DNA. Manufactured without any secondary substances such as fillers, Silicone, or heavy metals, which can contaminate samples. Certified to be free of DNase, RNase, and pyrogens. All non-sterile pipet tips are autoclavable under normal autoclaving guidelines. Pipet tips are also available in sterile versions for sterile pipetting applications. Choose from economical bagged pipet tips or convenient pre-racked pipet tips to save pipetting time.

MAXYMum Recovery™ universal fine point pipet tips are designed for applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility. Ideal for transferring viscous DNA, RNA, and protein solutions.