Eppendorf® Repeater® M4 Pipette Dispenser

The ideal precision instrument for completing long pipetting or dispensing series. Even liquids which are difficult to ipette are no match for the Eppendorf Repeater® M4. On the Repeater/Combitip system, volumes are dispensed using the positive displacement principle. The liquid is directly dispensed without an air cushion, ensuring the correct volume, regardless of the density, viscosity and volatility of the liquid. In addition to serial dispensing, the Repeater is also the perfect instrument that is able to go beyond the limitations of a standard pipette. The clearly arranged and easy-to-read display guarantees stress-free and intuitive operation. In addition to the displayed dispensing volume, the step counter supports error-free filling, for example 96-well plates. The integrated »Sleep« function switches off the Eppendorf Repeater® M4 when not in use, thus reducing energy consumption and saving battery life.

Features Include:

  • Step Counter: Displays the number of times liquid is dispensed.
  • Ergonomic Operating Lever: Dispenses liquid and also ejects the Combitip.
  • Ergonomic Filling Lever: Designed for easily filling and emptying the Combitip.
  • Volume Selection Dial: Up to 20 different volume settings for every Combitop size.
  • Hand Rest: Supports relaxed hand position and makes for comfortable use.
  • Motion Sensor: Repeater M4 switches "Off" when not in use and back on with minimal movement. Saves battery life and operating time.
  • Combitip Sensor: Automatic Combitip recognition and volume display.
  • Embedded RFID chip.
  • Provides error-free operation even after an interruption or distraction during dispensing.