BrandTech® Electronic Single Channel Pipettes

The BRAND Transferpette® electronic pipettors are ideal for use in most laboratory applications. They are available in five volume ranges for reliable dispensing of volumes from 0.5µL to 5mL. Multichannel versions of the Transferpette electronic pipettes are also available. Choose from five convenient operating modes that are simple to set and simple to use: standard pipetting, sample mixing, reverse pipetting, step dispensing, and gel loading. Large, clear LCD screen with clear operational symbols and words makes settings obvious. Step easily between modes without complicated programming. Easily removable autoclavable shaft protects sterile operations.

These electronic pipettors are equipped with BRAND's innovative Easy Calibration™ system which reduces the need for off-site calibration and simplifies conformity with ISO/GLP guidelines. Rechargeable battery powers over 4000 pipetting cycles with each charge, and even includes a battery "refresh" function that extends the battery life! Unique tip cone (patent pending) adapts to universal tips from nearly all manufacturers, so you're not locked into a single tip supplier.