Wheaton® Socorex Acura® manual Microdispenser Repeater Pipette, Self-Refilling

The Wheaton Acura manual Microdispenser is a handheld repeating pipette with a self-refilling design and variable volume control. This repeater pipettor is designed for repeated distribution of micro volumes with easy handling like that of a normal pipette along with the flexibility of a repeating pipettor. The inner valve system ensures reliable, high-performance dispensing with every dispensed dosage. Delivery dispensing cannula or manifold easily rotates to the desired ergonomic working position for the hand. The outlet nozzle accepts any Luer Lock needles and cannulas. Versatile feeding through bottle, tubing, or syringe. Disposable pipet tips and other consumable pipetting supplies are simply not required - saving your lab time and money. This dispenser also features soft plunger activation and'Swift-Set' in-lab calibration. Fully autoclavable for sterile liquid dispensing with the unit fully assembled at 121°C (250°F). Assembly includes 90cm of silicone tubing, female Luer inlet valve cap, stainless steel blunt end cannula, QC Certificate and operating instructions.