BrandTech® Transferpette® Multichannel Pipettes, Variable Volume

The Transferpette® -8/-12 features a completely redesigned manifold for reduced operating forces, improved tip fit, and easier maintenance. Available in seven sizes, in both eight and twelve channel models, these pipettes dispense volumes from 0.5µL to 300µL. An excellent choice for any multiwell application, such as PCR or ELISA.

The Transferpette -8/-12 provides users with the ability to remove and replace individual tip cones in the lab, without special tools or recalibration - an industry first! These new pipettes are now 15% lighter and still feature the same ergonomic side mounted pipetting key and low-force operation for relaxed, low-fatigue pipetting and reduced tip ejection forces.
A testimonial from a long-term sufferer of a repetitive stress injury about the ergonomic advantages of the Transferpette -8/-12.

Equipped with Easy Calibration™ technology for simplified ISO and GLP compliance.