Wheaton® Socorex Acura® manual 855 Multichannel Pipettes

The Wheaton Socorex Acura® manual 855 multichannel pipette accurately transfer liquids to 96-well microplates and other research vessels. Pipettes feature Wheaton's Swift-Set calibration which requires no additional tools beyond a laboratory balance and distilled water. The instrument is desgined with reliable micrometric volume adjustment with the turn of the dispensing button which features click-stops that prevent unwanted volume alterations. The JusTip™ adjustable tip ejector accepts most all universal pipet tips. An integral hand hook allows you to hold the pipettor while handling other objects and reduces the possibility contamination from laying the pipettor flat. The volume display can be read without moving hand. Soft-touch plunger reduces user fatigue. Pipettes are fully autoclavable to 121°C (250°F) for sterile pipetting applications. Wheaton multichannel pipettors also feature a 360° revolving lower assembly which allows the user to easily position the instrument to the appropriate hand position for ergonomical pipetting. [NOTE: Performance values obtained with double-distilled water at constant temperature (± 0.5°C) comprised between 20 and 25°C in accordance with ISO 8655.] Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Choose from 8-channel or 12-channel pipette models.