BrandTech® Transferpette® Single Channel Pipettes, Variable Volume

BRAND Transferpette® pipettes are an ergonomic alternative to the traditional pipette design. The instrument is designed to use the natural full sweep of the thumb rather than flexing of the individual joints, to reduce strain. Models are available in a variety of sizes covering the range from 0.1uL to 5mL.

These pipettes are corrosion-resistant, autoclavable, feature a narrow-shaft design and are compatible with most tips to ensure their effectiveness in almost any application.

The Transferpette 0.1-1uL can pipette small volumes with unparalleled accuracy and precision. When used with BRAND nano-cap™ tips. It drastically reduces the air column between the piston and sample, a major source of error when pipetting volumes of less than one microliter.

Adjustable volume versions of the Transferpette single channel pipette are equipped with Easy Calibration™ technology to simplify ISO/GLP compliance and eliminate the need for inconvenient offsite recalibration.

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