Wheaton® Socorex Acura® manual Pipette Triopack with 3 Single-Channel Variable Volume Pipettes

Ready-to-use sets of lab pipettes include three Wheaton® Socorex Acura® manual adjustable-volume pipettes, pipet tip samples, QC certificates and operating instructions. The Wheaton Socorex Acura® manual pipettor is a single-channel model with variable volume dispensing control. It provides accurate, precise pipetting of solutions, reagents, acids, serums and other liquids. Also ideal for gel-sequencing applications. It combines high-tech materials with exceptional, user-friendly ergonomics. The easy swift-set calibration requires no additional tools beyond a balance and distilled water. Volume settings are thumb-click adjusted higher or lower with repeated clicks and are secured from accidental alteration with a handy volume setting wheel lock. Dispensing is accomplished with a single plunger stroke. A differentiated overshoot function and separate push buttons for dispensing and tip ejection reduce dead volume and prevent accidental de-tipping. A digital display window allows for permanent volume visibility. The glove-friendly JusTip™ adjustable tip ejector permits use of most common universal pipet tips. The stainless steel and PVDF plunger assembly is chemically resistant. Autoclavable to 121°C (250°F) without disassembly or recalibration. Supplied with a three-year manufacturer's warranty, including a two-year warranty on the original calibration.