Lab-Aire® II Glassware Drying Racks

Bel-Art (non-electric) Lab-Aire® II Benchtop Glassware Drying Racks are ideal for safely drying and storing laboratory glassware. This single-sided glassware rack can be used on the benchtop or may be wall-mounted to conserve valuable benchtop space. The removable V-channel pegs can be re-positioned up to 114 different ways to make space for beakers, flasks, bottles, test tubes, and cylinders. The rack also features a drip tray with scalloped wells which is designed for holding glass pipets and burets. Additional glassware pegs may be purchased separately in Small (3-Inch), Medium (4-Inch) and Large (5-Inch) sizes for your specific needs to dry uniquely shaped and weighted glassware articles.

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