Sterileware® Samplit™ Coring Sample Kits

Sterile and Non-Sterile Samplit™ Coring Sample Kits are designed for one time use when sampling sensitive materials. The firm polystyrene sampling scoop threads directly into a clear, watertight 190mL (6.5oz.) vial jar to immediately secure and isolate the sample from cross contamination. Ribbed scoop grip allows trouble-free pushing and turning of the scoop for consistent sampling.

Sterileware® sterile scoop sampling system kits eliminate the cost of separate sterile bags or containers, saving time and money in your sample collection process. To use, simply remove the scoop from the bag and detach the lid using the convenient tab. After taking the sample, replace the snap-on lid and use the scoop as a container for transport. Sampling data can be marked on the lid with wax pencil, pre-marked label or masking tape to facilitate tracking and reduce risk of mix-ups. A lock-tab can be bent under for a tighter seal.

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