Sterileware® V-Shaped Sample Spatulas

The Sterileware® disposable polystyrene spatula is ideal for every type of powdered or granulated material. It makes sample taking faster, more convenient and helps prevent sample contamination. Also, because it holds about twice the volume of standard reusable spatulas, it saves time. The 229mm long polystyrene spatula with permanent handle is an excellent device for taking samples from bags, large containers or right off production lines. The sturdy edge can be used to break up caked material while sampling.

The non-sterile one-piece polypropylene spatula is molded and retains approximately 15cc's of material. The unique V-Shape allows easy transfer of sample to container. These spatulas are used to sample directly from production line or containers including bags and drums. These spatulas are fully autoclavable for sterile applications.

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