Wheaton® Sub Surface Grab Sampler®

The Wheaton® Sub Surface Grab Samper I eliminates the possibility surface contamination when taking liquid environmental samples of water or industirial waste. Grab samplers meet EPA and NJPDES requirements for water and wastewater sampling. The sampler's lightweight construction and length makes it easy to access spillways, docks and streans without having to enter into the effluent.

The Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler® II an inert polypropylene head with stainless steel fittings and a 6-foot aluminum pole assembly with a golden alodine finish. Assembly also includes a 1-Liter graduated glass sample bottle with a PTFE-lined black phenolic cap. These samplers are excellent for accessing fluid flow in deep manholes and hard to reach sub-surface sampling areas. Sub-surface samplers meet EPA requirements for water and waste water sampling. To collect a sample, user pulls a cable that lifts a spring-loaded plunger from the bottle opening, permitting liquid to enter the bottle through four 1.6cm (5/8in) diameter holes. Three models are available with your choice of a 6-foot, 12-foot or 18-foot aluminum pole.

The Wheaton Sub Surface Grap Sampler® III works on the same principle as the Sub Surface Grab Sampler® II. The sampler accepts glass or plastic wide mouth bottles with a 70-400 screw thread finish. A displacement plunger allows the collection of samples in a 1000mL bottle. The sampler is ideal for sampling hazardous and corrosive materials, as well as wastewater. Chemically resistant stainless steel and polypropylene construction. Wide mouth accepts light sludges and slurries. The modular design of the sampler accepts addition 6-foot add-on extension shafts allowing a maximum of 24-feet in length.

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