Safe-Lab® Teflon® Lab Stoppers

Safe-Lab® solid Teflon® Stoppers are designed for laboratory volumetric flasks and separatory funnels. Solid Teflon® TFE stoppers feature a threaded polypropylene extracting nut for easy removal of stopper from flask. These unique stoppers are iterchangeable with penny head stoppers.

Safe-Lab® Hollow Teflon® stoppers are designed for laboratory flasks with ground glass joint openings. The are also idea for use with many other types of flasks including distilling flasks and boiling flasks. These stoppers also feature a polypropylene extracting nut which safely removes the stopper without risk of glass breakage from snug fitting ground joints. Both hollow and solid stoppers are chemical resistant and autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) for sterile applications.