MQuant™ Test Strips for Specific Ion Determination

EMD Millipore MQuant™ test strips provide you with quick and reliable results on substances and concentrations during food, water and environmental analysis. MQuant™ test strips allow you to perform time-saving semi-quantitative determination of important ions and compounds in the mg/L range without additional preparation of the samples. The reactive analyte surfaces on the test strips are pre-loaded with masking agents, buffers and reagents to perform without additional need for reagents within the full scale of the pH range (with most test strip types). Performing these rapid tests is easy either in the lab or in the field. Simply dip the test strip in the sample, take it out and use the convenient color comparison chart to read your results. For most applications, pretreatment is unnecessary when other ionic substances are present in concentrations of less than 1000ppm. Performance testing on these strips have been extensively exercised in the presence of metals and ions. MQuant™ test strips are supplied in durable aluminum cylinders complete with instructions, a color comparison scale and the expiration date.

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