Nalgene® Oak Ridge Teflon® Centrifuge Tubes, FEP

Nalgene® Oak Ridge Teflon® centrifuge tubes are made from FEP plastic and are furnished complete with a Tefzel® ETFE screw cap closure. These Teflon® centrifuge tubes are ideal for high-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals. Excellent for chloroform and phenol extractions. Resists any acid base or solvent. Autoclavable tube withstands temperatures from -100°C to +150°C. Centrifuge tubes are ideal for in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges. Sealing caps are leakproof -- however, in order to assure leakproof service especially at speeds greater than 10,000 x g or when spinning hazardous materials Nalgene® sealing cap assembly (see item#: NAL-DS3131-0024) is recommended. Nalgene 3114 Series.